Our friendly staff can help you to choose a selection of properties and make arrangements for you to view them. We recommend that you make your offer without delay as properties let very quickly. We will negotiate between you and the Landlord to agree the length of tenancy, the rent, the start date and any special conditions. When making an offer to rent a property, all applicants will need to complete a credit reference form, provide photographic identification such as a passport or driving licence and provide a pay slip which we will photocopy for our records along with three separate documents that has been sent to you at your current address within the last six months (please note that we cannot accept mobile telephone bills). You will then be asked to sign the Terms & Conditions.

NB Any acceptance of offer is always subject to contract, receiving satisfactory references and receipt of cleared funds for the advanced rent and deposit.

Tenant Fees and Terms & Conditions

All properties are taken as seen unless agreed in writing prior to the commencement of the tenancy.

On making an application for a tenancy, Thompson Wilson Lettings will ask for a non-returnable administration fee of £250 which takes the property off the market and covers all the Tenants pre-tenancy costs for up to four people. An additional one-off charge is made for each additional applicant or Guarantor/s. Administration fees are received on the basis of being subject to contract, satisfactory references and Landlord’s approval. They do not represent an agreement or offer of a tenancy by Thompson Wilson Lettings or the Landlord. The administration fee is non-refundable unless the Landlord decides not to proceed with the tenancy.

A dilapidations deposit of 1½ month’s rent is payable along with the first month’s rent in advance prior to the commencement of the tenancy and these monies must be paid by cleared funds. Personal cheques will only be accepted if presented to the bank at least 10 working days prior to the tenancy start date. The deposit will be protected under My Deposits and a certificate of registration will be issued within 30 days of receipt of the deposit. Further information regarding the scheme can be found at www.mydeposits.co.uk

At the start of the tenancy Thompson Wilson Lettings will conduct a ‘Check In’ which will provide a snap-shot of the condition of the property and identify any obvious issues that need recording which is at the cost of the Landlord. Just before the tenancy commences, a full inventory report is commissioned from an inventory company and both the Landlord and Tenant are invited to record any comments or observations before agreeing it. Having agreed the inventory report at the start of the tenancy the inventory company will also provide a ‘Check Out’ report at the end of the agreement which is at the cost of the outgoing tenant.

Ongoing rent payments are payable in advance and should be paid by Standing Order. Whilst Thompson Wilson Lettings will send the Standing Order mandate to your bank, it is the Tenant’s responsibility to ensure that all payments are made on time. NB The full rent payment must come from only one bank account each month.

At the end of the tenancy it is the sole responsibility of the Tenant to ensure that their standing order for rent is cancelled. Thompson Wilson Lettings cannot be held responsible for any bank charges or indirect charges if the standing order is not cancelled by the Tenant after the last rent has been paid.

At the end of the tenancy and following an inventory check out, Thompson Wilson Lettings reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £25 per hour + VAT at the prevailing rate with a minimum one hour rate applying for inspecting, overseeing and arranging any works that are required due to dilapidations/damages that have occurred during the tenancy including replacement of missing items, cleaning, gardening, general repairs and decorating.

Tenants are responsible for insuring all their own personal belongings in/at the property and for accidental damage to the Landlord’s property and a copy of the schedule and certificate of insurance must be forwarded to Thompson Wilson Lettings office within 14 days of the tenancy commencing.

Thompson Wilson Lettings will inform the utility companies (electricity, water, gas) and the District Council (Council Tax) of the change of occupancy at both the beginning and end of each tenancy. We are unable to give instructions to any telephone companies as they do not accept instructions from a third party. Tenants are responsible for complying with regulations regarding Television Licences.

If Thompson Wilson Lettings have been asked to manage the tenancy by the Landlord, routine property visits will be arranged. These are usually undertaken on a quarterly basis and Tenants will be given at least one week’s notice of a visit. Tenants must facilitate these visits which normally take place during office hours between Monday and Friday. If Tenants insist on the property visit being undertaken outside of these hours, Thompson Wilson Lettings reserves the right to make a charge of £75 + VAT at the prevailing rate which is at the cost of the Tenant.

At the end of the tenancy, deposits will be returned by cheque and posted to the outgoing Tenant’s forwarding address.